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We are on a mission to explore Nauvari Saree worldwide. Perfect fitting, fine stitching and better quality. Every saree is made under the exellence of Aaba Tailors. Explore your beauty with mynauvari.com

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We Indian are Popular for celebrating festivals, special occasions with very much excitement and enthusiasm. Also in traditional ways by wearing traditional cloths and jewellery, accessories. Specially in Maharashtra, you will see most of all women wearing “Nauvari Saree“. As we can see in past some decades clothing style is changing rapidly. These traditional clothes are used occassionally. Furthermore very few ladies know about wearing ‘nauvari’ in traditional ways. Because of which someone may feel uncomfortable with it.

Speciality of Our Nauvari..

We provide the relif from all the worries about wearing nauvari, that’s Readymade Nauvari Saree. It is very much easy to wear and carry. You can wear Nauvari saree just in 2 minutes. It is much as salwar. Also no need to wear leggings or extra petticoat. In addition, Ready to Wear Nauvari Saree has full length lining. Lining gives you 0 % transparency and comfortable pleat formation.
Celebrate auspicious occasions of your life with your favorite traditional attire i.e. Nauvari Saree..!


Our vision is to explore ‘Readymade Nauvari Saree‘ world wide.


Our mission is to reveal and promote different aspects of tradition of Maharashtra. Epecially, Nauvari Saree, which is popular in India and out of India too. To enjoy a good working relationship with our makers. To offer our customers affordable pieces in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.


The Nauvari (Nine Yards) Saree is the traditional attire of the women of Maharashtra. It is the part of Traditional Marathi art of living. According to Maharashtrian tradition, nauvari is known as the `akhanda vastra’. Which means it doesn’t need any other attire to support it. In fact, this outfit is of great significance as women across different walks of life have worn it. Though, it’s worn at religious and cultural events. Most noteworthy, women in most of rural areas in Maharashtra use it regularly.

Aaba Tailors

Aaba Tailors offering classic and elegant clothing tailored with outstanding quality. Our goal is to make identity of readymade nauvari saree worldwide. Aaba tailors means perfectly stitched readymade nauvari saree. Yet, in the several years, Aaba tailors has improved and expanded the buissness. Aaba tailors not only updated the facilities and equipment also providing best services to customer. As a family-owned and operated businesses, we provide you the pride, talent and service you would expect from Aaba Tailors.